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What to expect during your first visit

The first visit will typically last up to 60 minutes, and includes a thorough health/physical examination including spinal/neurology screening, biomechanical screening, and myofascial testing.  In some cases the doctor may order additional special tests, such as x-ray, MRI, or blood testing.  If you have recently completed any special testing please bring the results with you to your initial visit.

To speed up your initial exam, please fill out the paperwork to the right and bring it to your first visit.  If you cannot complete the forms prior to your exam, please plan to arrive early in order to fill it out on site.  

Report of Findings

Based on your exam the doctor will determine if you are an ideal candidate for chiropractor treatment, and develop a specialized care plan for you.  The doctor will explain your exam findings and care plan in detail prior to moving on to treatment.


If it is determined that chiropractor care is right for you, the doctor will then move forward with treatment!  Your individualized care may consist of chiropractic adjustments, muscle therapy, kinesiology taping, and/or home care exercises.

New patient intake forms will be delivered to the email address provided upon booking your initial visit.  Please fill them out at your earliest convienence, but at minimum 24 hours in advance of your initial appointment.