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October 21, 2017

How Sports Chiropractic Helps Runners

Have you ever tried to run with a cast on your ankle? Probably not- well, hopefully not. It would be an almost impossible task, but you likely could manage. Your…
peak-chiropractic-blog-ice-vs-heatActive LifestyleChiropracticFitnessHealth TipsMovement
March 30, 2017

Ice vs Heat

I have a lot of patients ask the age old question, "should I be using ice or heat?" Well, here's a quick guide explaining when and why to use each:…
migraineHealth Tips
March 16, 2017

9 Evidence-Based Nutraceutical Recommendations for Migraine Headache (by ChiroUp)

“Migraine” is a complex, chronic neurologic disorder characterized by recurrent debilitating headaches. Over 30 million Americans suffer at least one migraine headache each year.  (1) The condition affects 18% of…