About Peak Chiropractic

What does it mean to be a cash practice?

We realize that many of our patients have insurance, and enjoy using their insurance benefits.  However, after much research and deliberating I have decided to stay out of network for a number of reasons.  The number one reason is to keep your care about YOU!  We can tailor your care plan to exactly what you need based on the doctor’s determinations, rather than what is dictated by insurance companies.   Secondly, co-pays and deductibles have gotten very out of hand in recent years.  In fact, for many of our patients, our cash price is actually cheaper than their co-pay cost.  Lastly, with the poor reimbursement rates and speed of payment, many Doctors of Chiropractic have to hire extra staff just to follow up on claims, regulations, coding changes, verifications and much more.  This typically drives up the price of treatment at many offices.  Therefore, we have determined that its more cost effective for our patients to not bill insurance.

Can I still utilize my insurance?

Yes, you can!  At the end of your visit (or after a series of visits) we can supply you with all the necessary documentation to turn into you insurance company for reimbursement.  This is done through a ‘Superbill’ that is easily faxed or emailed into your insurance company.

Can I use my HSA account?

Yes you can!  We accept HSA cards in office and, again, can provide the necessary documentation should it be required by your company.

What can I expect during the initial visit?

Your first visit will generally take about 60 minutes and will include a thorough medical history, chiropractic exam, and typically chiropractic treatment (at the discretion of the doctor).  The initial visit paperwork may be filled out on site, but it is also available for download if you wish to complete it ahead of time.

For more information on new patient procedure, or to download the new patient forms, please visit the page below:

New Patients

What can I expect during a follow-up visit?

Follow-up visits will generally last about 15 minutes, and typically include an adjustment followed by soft tissue release, taping, or other therapies determined by the doctor.

Case Specific Questions

Do you take x-rays?

Peak Chiropractic does not take x-rays or perform other imaging studies in office, but we do refer to the best radiologists in the triangle in order to provide patients with the highest level of care.  If the doctor determines an imaging study is necessary for care, they will refer patients and provide the imaging center with exactly what study they need performed.  The doctor will then go over the results with you in the office once the results are available.

Do you accept motor vehicle accident cases?

We do accept MVA cases, however, patients are expected to pay for care as they go, and any reimbursement for the case will be between the patient and their attorney (if applicable).  We will provide all necessary notes and medical codes that the case may require.